Comprehensive Course in Fundamental Implantology


Please note: Social distancing measures should be followed at all times. Limited participants only.

The Comprehensive Course is designed to provide complete knowledge on implantology for the dental surgeons who wish to practise implantology themselves. This course covers all the aspects of implantology from simple cases to full mouth rehabilitation. Advanced courses in surgery for grafting and bone manipulation for width correction, sinus augmentation and soft tissue surgeries can be pursued at the next level.

Dental surgeons who wish to pursue their Master’s degree in Oral Implantology, at The Goethe University, Frankfurt are immediately accepted after completing of the Comprehensive Course. Dr. Nene is an accredited tutor for the university and can also be your local thesis guide.

What Will I Learn?

Level 1 - Basic Course in Implantology

Online Lectures

  • Basic terminologies
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Bone 
  • Radiology
  • Treatment planning

Live Workshop

  • Protocols for asepsis and sterilization
  • Surgical protocol for delayed implant placement of 2 different systems
  • Demonstrations and hands on training
  • Instrumentation and inventory
  • Hands-on training on plastic mandible for implant placement
  • Live surgical demonstration of delayed implant placement

Level 2 – Intermediate Course in Implantology

Online Lectures

  • CT scan
  • Biomaterials
  • Bone physiology
  • Patient screening

Live Workshop:

  • Serial anatomy
  • Immediate implant
  • Bone expansion
  • Augmentation with GTR

Demonstrations and hands on suturing techniques

Live surgeries on patients: each participant places 2 implants

Level 3 - Implant prosthodontics and occlusion course

Online Lectures: 

  • occlusion
  • Implant recovery in second stage
  • Impression techniques
  • Abutment selection

Live Workshop:

  • Implant prosthodontics (Advanced)
  • Management of complications 
  • Basic soft tissue management
  • Live patient implant second stage recovery, impression taking and completion of prosthesis
  • Concluding examination
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December 2023, Pune


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